Shannon Taylor-Jones is an emerging Canadian artist from Toronto currently residing in London, Ontario. Receiving a BFA from OCAD University in 2016 with a major in Drawing and Painting, her work focuses on abstraction and explores ideas of intuition, process, and materiality.



With a persistent pursuit of surprise, intuitive processes dive into the facets and abilities of painting as knowledge, presence, and power. In repetition, this visceral insight is harnessed to create space for experiences of intuition. Abundance is cycled through excess and then constraints, again and again, to create marks that convey multitudes; the finished products are unexpected, disconnected from the self, and yet deeply personal. With contradictions parallel in the same space, a sense of satisfaction unfolds—intertwined with a longing for something else. Existing as both invitation and permission, simultaneously answering one question while asking another—the paintings exist as not quite conclusions, but fragments of larger actions. 

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